Janine Sun Rogers

Janine lives and writes in California.


Arts, Literature, and Culture
“A Period of Extreme Uncertainty”: A Conversation on Pandemic Theatre by AAPI Companies in California in Theatre Journal, December 2022
Going Through the Motions: Speculations on Birth in Patricia Piccinini’s The Awakening in Variable West, July 2021
 Bay Area Asian American Artists Share Stories, Combat Hate in Theatre Bay Area, May 2021
With Interactive Performances, Theatre Artists Make Contact in a Distanced World in Theatre Bay Area, April 2021
Amid Violence and Isolation, a Vital Exploration of the Asian Diaspora in The News Lens, April 2021
‘Maid to Queer’ Explores Desire and Queerness Among Hong Kong’s Indonesian Domestic Workers in The News Lens, February 2021
“Heaven on Fourth” Arrives in Taiwan Amid Controversy and Tragedy in The News Lens, January 2021
“Our Labyrinth” by Lee Mingwei: Meditation Grain By Grain in The News Lens, January 2021

Adult Streaming Platform SWAG Is in Hot Water With Taiwan’s Authorities in The News Lens, April 2021

Current Events
Atlanta Shootings Reflect Discrimination of Massage Parlor Workers, Re-enact Imperial Violence in The News Lens, March 2021
Anti-Asian Attacks in US Repeat History, Motivate Community Action in The News Lens, March 2021

Creative Nonfiction
母语/MOTHERTONGUE: A Story and Recipe in Claiming Asian America, May 2021
On the 110 in Westwind Journal of the Arts, April 2021


Co-host of Popular Intellectuals Podcast, March 2021 – present
Guest spot on Roses All Trash Podcast “Interrupted Asian Narratives,” April 2021

Artistic Projects

Co-director All My Strength, film, December 2020 (premiered at Taking Suggestions… Film Festival)
Web developer HOW ARE WE, dance/multimedia, June 2020
Co-creator and programmer SADLIBS, workshop/web art, Spring 2020
Creator The Studio, interactive installation, March 2020
Creator DelayDude, sound installation, May 2019 (premiered at FEST VI)
Creator 母语/Mothertongue, interactive performance, November 2019 (presented at Richard B. Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College)


Interview in All Magazine, May 2021

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Latest Posts

“Crossing Half of China to Be With You” by Yu Xiuhua (translation)

The following is my translation of “Crossing Half of China to Be With You” by Yu Xiuhua (余秀华). Yu Xiuhua (b. 1976) is a Chinese poet based in Hengdian, a small village in the Hubei province. Her ideas and experiences regarding love, disillusionment, rural isolation, societal injustice, and disability are documented in her extensive works…

Virtual Harsh Realities of Theater Mu’s Today is My Birthday

“Jean Baudrillard believed reality doesn’t exist, there are only pictures,” claims Emily, the protagonist of the play Today is My Birthday by Susan Soon He Stanton. The line takes on a special resonance in Theater Mu’s web-based production, which was directed by Lily Tung Crystal and streamed live from February 6 to 14. In this…

Bei Dao: Two Poems (translation)

黑盒 是谁在等待 一次预约的日出 我关上门 诗的内部一片昏暗 在桌子中央 胡椒皇帝愤怒 一支乐曲记住我 并卸下了它的负担 钟表零件散落 在皇室的地平线上 事件与事件相连] 穿过隧道 Black Box Who is waiting A sunrise appointment I close the door A dusk inside a poem In the middle of the table The pepper emperor rages I learn a piece of music And lay down its burden Clock parts scatter On…